Downed bikers Association Chapters

Western Plains Chapter encourages everyone to visit our other 5 chapters located throughout the state of Oklahoma. Each chapter, as we do, work hard each day helping fallen brothers/sisters who were involved in a motorcycle accident. Please feel free, if you are in the area during a event, to stop in and say hi. Listed in established order starting with our founding chapter, Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City

Established 09/02/1999 OKC is considered the founding chapter.

Western Plains

Established on 03/12/2003 Western Plains became the second chapter for Downed Bikers Association. 


Established 06/01/2011, Tulsa became the third chapter but grew extremely fast being the second largest chapter.


Established 10/03/2015, Enid was born to help fellow bikers in a remote part of Oklahoma.


Twin  Rivers

Established 11/27/2017, Twin Rivers located in Vinita was born and filled a need in the northeastern part of Oklahoma. 


Established 11/10/2019, Foothills, located in Tahlequah is the newest chapter serving southeastern Oklahoma.